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Production Solutions (PSG)


Driving your Business to New Levels

XBC-IT offer the broadest portfolio of production printers and cut-sheet digital presses print solutions in the market. Whether you are searching for an entry level digital printer or an advanced digital press, XBC-IT offers a choice of technology options for your business. Our entry level digital printers help you keep your customers satisfied. Our latest digital press, the Versant 180 and the Versant 3100, enables you to tackle high‐end printing projects without breaking the bank. If you want to increase your print productivity, the Colour C70 digital colour press is a sound and affordable investment. If you'd like to drive your colour digital printing to the next level, consider the Xerox Iridesse or Xerox iGen5 digital presses.

Did you know?

More than 50 trillion pages are printed worldwide today using production print technology

Some of the offerings we can assist with are:

• Production Printers

• Continuous Feed Printers

• Wide Format Printers

• Feeding and Finishing

• Workflow Software


Security Services +

Managed Security Services

Your Safety is our Priority

Find a commercial security solution that suits your business budget and enhances industry performance.

XBC-IT will provide you with excellent integrated security services that will Implement Smart Corporate Security Technology to Safeguard your Business and create a seamless working environment.

Did you know?

Business robberies have continued to increase over the last eight years and according to the crime statistics released by SAPS last year, just over 200 businesses were burgled every day.

Our Services and solutions:

• Integrated CCTV Systems

• Access Control

• Time and Attendance

Mobility & Communication

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Mobility & Communication Services

Office ON THE GO!

Work anywhere, anytime-Securely

XBC-IT will help you improve your customer engagement. Move over to the cloud for high-powered business communication and collaboration that add mobility and teamwork. Its not just about smartphones and tablets anymore, mobility allows information accessibility to your employees and clients Whenever, Wherever.

Did you know?

Major Influence 67% of CIOs and IT professionals believe mobility will impact their organizations as much—or more—than the Internet did in the 1990s.

Our Services and solutions:

-Cloud PBX and unified communications

- Low minute rates to any network

- Voice, video, conferencing, messaging, and more

- Office, remote, home based or mobile

- Contact and call centre solutions

- Fibre (Dedicated or Broadband)

- Wireless (Microwave or LTE)

- National footprint for project availability

- International footprint for project availability


Cloud Services


Cloud Services

Cloud! Not just another thunderstorm

Owen the information

By using Cloud Services your business will reduce its need to continually invest in and maintain its own ICT assets and capabilities. Cloud computing provides the latest business software communication tools, servers, storage and security as a service. Businesses can access their critical applications from any location, device or connection type.

Did you know?

Cloud, Does not Load shed

90% of companies are on the cloud...

Cloud data centres will process 94% of workloads in 2021

The global cloud computing market is expected to reach $623.3 billion by 2023.

On Premise Cloud

XBC IT Solutions recognises that just because the infrastructure is on the client site doesn't necessarily mean that the client wants to own the hardware therefore in the right scenario as it fits the requirement we can offer an on-premise solution as a service.

Hybrid Cloud

A number of IT solution companies have made huge investments in infrastructure so that they can offer a hosted solution. The problem is that many of them now have to recoup that investment quickly so they can only offer hosted cloud solutions, whereas the majority of businesses only have certain core business applications that can run over the required internet size connection. XBC IT Solutions recognise this so we only offer what is right for our clients, if some of your business applications need to run on-premise then that's what we will provide and then we can strategically look at hosting the rest. This way our clients are happy with the streamlined service as well as the performance.

Offsite Cloud

As a Cloud On Demand Partner, XBC can offer you a flexible, secure and reliable way to manage your ICT in a hosted cloud. Offering world class infrastructure and access to the largest fully integrated and most reliable IP networks in South Africa, we can help you match your ICT to business goals and budgets.

Microsoft Office 365

The majority of our clients are Microsoft Small Business Server customers therefore they have housed most of their core business functions on one powerful server over the last decade or so. Due to the increased functionality of the messaging component (Microsoft Exchange) Microsoft have now stopped producing SBS and their recommendation is to move email over to Microsoft Office 365 which is a cloud solution. As a long term Cloud On Demand and Microsoft Partner, XBC IT Solutions are able to offer and support your business on Office 365 which combines a set of Microsoft hosted communications and collaboration solutions that are delivered to our clients as a subscription. This suite of enterprise-class services enables businesses of all sizes to improve their productivity without the need to maintain a complex IT infrastructure of their own


Make the jump. Best-in-class vendors with targeted alignment in all budgets. - Office | Office 365 suite, Exchange - Online email | SharePoint - Backup | Backup and disaster recovery - Host | Hosted server and storage




Document Capture Automation

Software that helps you and your team work more intelligently with their documents.

Functionality, Affordability, Scalability, Accessibility

Capture Essentials

Integration with MFP

Rapid Forms Learning

Global Forms

Web Forms

Did you know?


A strategy to help you improve the efficiency, overall revenue, and day-to-day operations of your business

Enterprise Content Management

Time to Streamline Business Workflow

From small business applications to enterprise solutions, GlobalSearch ECM software goes to work for you, with powerful functionality that enables your business to reach new levels of efficiency

Document capture Automation

Business Process Management

Windows File System Integration

Image Enable Search

Busines Process Management

Global Action delivers enhanced Business Process Management functionality, redefining organizational efficiency with document workflow solutions that enforce business rules while allowing for global participation.

Web-Base Designer, Web Form Management, Automated Notifications and Real Time Analytics

Web Form Management

Any organization can create company-specific web forms that gather only the relevant data needed, eliminating manual data entry, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience.

User Friendly Design

Create Custom Layouts

Document Routing

Capture Automation

Integrated Solutions

Global Search has the ability to securely integrate with an extensive list of business applications, office equipment and third-party software, enabling customers to achieve the benefits of a digital business, including rapid results, lower costs and a better customer experience

Streamline Processes and Automate Workflows Between Programs

QuickBooks®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Salesforce®, Microsoft and Office 365™

Managed Print

Services +

Managed Print Services


Take Control

Printing the future

Whether documents are paper or digital, they're necessary to help serve customers and drive business. Yet most companies don't know how much time and money they spend on document processes and printing devices.

Did you know?

We'll help you gain control of your documents and save as much as 30% in the process.

Proven Document Process

Whether you want to save money, automate document workflows or enable mobile printing, our Managed Print Services (MPS) expertise can help. Customers gain control of their document processes through our proven, three-step approach, which is based on helping thousands of organizations get more out of their print infrastructure investment. Here's your roadmap to document management freedom:

Assess and Optimize

The first benefit you'll see is cost savings — as much as 30% on total document costs. By printing for less, and printing less, you'll also support your sustainability goals.

Secure and Integrate

As your MPS strategy matures, you'll be able to do more, like improve document security and support mobile workers who need to print.

Automate and Simplify

At the most advanced level of MPS, you'll see greater automation, integration and simplification of paper-based and digital processes.


Boards +

Interactive Boards

Shaping the Future

Inspire Greatness

Team collaboration is essential for everyday business. Colleagues expect to be able to connect their devices instantly and be able to work side-by-side or remotely without interruption. Our objective is to transform your business operations to enable stronger communication, connectivity and collaboration using interactive technology. We have the solution to take your boardroom, classroom, training environment to the next level. Future proof the way you interact!

Did you know?

They are Easy to Learn...

They save Time...

They Increase Student Engagement...

They Easily Incorporate Multimedia Elements...

They Make the Transition to Classroom Website Resources Easy...

They Make Classrooms Technologically Relevant.

Greatness exist in everyone. It’s up to us to help them develop and discover it




We don’t loadshed

We Shed the load

Meet the Goalzero Yeti

At Xbc-it we will never leave you hanging in the dark with our wide range of Portable Power Backup Battery stations available in lithium and Acid.

Did you know?

The cumulative cost of load shedding to South Africa's economy in 2019 was between R59bn and R118bn, according to a new presentation by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Always be ready

However, the day may turn, prepare for the unexpected and keep life going with portable power, lights, and solar for any scenario.


No Noise. No Fumes. Big Power.


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